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Hi my name is Sarah and i am an 8th Grade Middle school student. I was born and raised in Haiti I moved to Boston when i was 6 years old, when i was 2 months old i got adopted by my aunt she was very old and couldn’t have kids of her own so she took me. You might be wondering what happened to my real parents are they dead well the answer is NO my mom was a young girl and was caring a child she did want so she was planning on living me in the hospital the day i was born but unfortunately for her she never did have time to go to the hospital so i was born at home the day i was born my aunt visited Haiti and found out so she accepted to take me, after two months i was all hers. when she left and decided to go back to Boston she did not take me with her┬ábecause she didn’t want me to forget my culture so she got a Nanny and left me with her. She would come to visit a lot, And after 6 years she finally decided to take me with her. Has for my father never knew him and he never tried to find out what happened to me he always thought i was dead because my mom never wanted to tell him what really happened to me she was so ashamed of what she did. After six years of leaving in Boston i found out i was adopted that same year i found out my adopted mom took me to Haiti to meet my real mom i was afraid she wouldn’t want to see me because from what i heard when i was little she never did come not even once, But i was surprise when she did she was so happy to see me i saw joy feel her face the day she saw me i actually thought she was happy to see me but i was wrong she was happy to see me alive because has a baby she used to give me so may medicine to try to take my live because she would always say “I’m not ready to be called mom I’m to young”. After my trip to Haiti i forgive her because i was how she was trying with my other siblings and she only did me a favor by having me away.

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